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Air Soft Guns

We have a lot of Air Soft pistols. Three models are available. The Fox GN216 The Super Air Gun The APC-256 Sport Pistol We have many of all three. All three are hopper type airsoft pistols new in the packaging. $20 ABB  each. Please call your broker to arrange delivery.

48" Model

Three Longboard Decks Available

We have three handmade longboarding decks available from Legacy Longboarding. Two 48″ and one 58″. Here’s the specs: 42″, 48″, and 57″ Lengths African Sapele and Canadian Hard Rock Maple Flat tail design (Tapered tip) Hand-sanded front wheel wells Smooth top and bottom Pre-drilled truck holes


Vendors Wanted!

Our 7th Annual Christmas Bazaar is a few weeks away, and we are looking for vendors that want to participate and trade their wares. If you are one of those people, please contact us immediately and let us know what you are interested in selling. All are welcome to booth space, no charge. The Bazaar […]


New Member: Royal Duct & Cleaning Services

The air outside your house or business is already polluted and there’s little you can do about it. Especially in winter or fire season, the air in Utah is filled with terrible pollutants. The contaminants from outside are going to get in. Your furnace filters can only do so much, and they do nothing about […]


New Member: Perfection Pest Control

Everyone wants to have the perfect, golf-course-green lawn. However, there are many insects, plants, and other living things that can terrorize your lawn and threaten its health. Here at Perfection Landscaping, we want to stop that from happening. We have the best lawn care and pest control tools at our disposal so we can make […]