Gift Certificate Spotlight: Gamin’ Ride

We’ve had some certificates available to Gamin’ Ride for some months now, and since I had a little trade and a son’s birthday coming up, I thought I would give it a try and let you all know how it went.

Getting an appointment with them was easy, and once on the phone we talked at length about the party, about what we wanted, about what our options were, about who many kids could play. Once we settled on a day and a time, we were informed that we would be receiving email with links to invitations we could print out and deliver, as well as some general guidelines about the party.

We didn’t tell any of our kids what we were doing, we wanted it to be a surprise. The night of his party, they called us to tell us they were close to arriving, and to please come outside. As we waited on the front porch, the massive truck and trailer rounded the corner, sounded the siren, and honked. It was a fun sight, and our kids thought they were rock stars.

We took some pictures together in front of the trailer, learned the rules, and got set up to play. We spent the first hour playing games together as a family. It was a blast! There is enough room for 16 people to play at the same time, and we all played different games. As the other kids showed up, the fun just increased and we filled up the trailer with laughing, playing kids.

We filled up the trailer and played multi player games like Mario Kart (we don’t have a gaming console at our house so that was quite a novelty for our kids) and no one was left out. The time went fast and we all had fun.

Gamin’ Ride had just about any game we wanted to play. The screens are big, the games are new and fresh, and we had a great time. We highly recommend these certificates for anyone that wants to have a fun children’s party.

The certificates don’t expire, but we don’t have very many, so if you are interested, pick them up for use later.

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