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How to Disneyland DVD


How to Disneyland is the best insider’s view available on video to prepare you for your next trip to Disneyland.

This DVD features Disneyland Fanatic Chris Dallin. How to Disneyland gives you a tour of what he was able to accomplish in just one day with regular access, without any special privileges or behind-the-scenes invitations.

How to Disneyland is definitely something you’ll want to see before your Disneyland vacation.


In the Company of Hereos DVD

PTP-with-ADF-newlogo2006In October of 2002, the World War II Pacific Theater Project accompanied hundreds of veterans as they sailed back to places where many of them fought and bled and saw too many others die.

These are those heroes’ stories.




Utah State Parks Road Trip DVD

STATE-PARKSPlanning your summer vacations?

Travel along with six Utah State Parks enthusiasts as they visit 43 state parks in three days. Your Utah State Parks Road Trip DVD will take you on an adventure over 2,200 miles of natural treasure in your own state.

The DVD offers a breathtaking and often humorous adventure that will help you decide where to get your best vacation value in your own backyard.



Into a World of Wonder DVD

INSERT-WORLD-OF-WONDERGlittering in the Western sun, the Great Salt Lake and Antelope Island offer a landscape of the imagination where every rock, every feature tells a story as old as time itself.

Experience spectacular sunsets, the power of a summer thunder storm, the cry of curlews and coyotes. Home to some of North America’s largest bird populations, Antelope Island also boasts bison, antelope and big horn sheep.

Into a World of Wonder is a profound listening and viewing experience as breathtaking video is coupled with music, inspired by the landscape itself.

Bonus on the World of Wonder DVD:

The Road to Nowhere DVD

When some Davis County visionaries began building a causeway to Antelope Inland in the 1950s, it literally was “the road to nowhere” as Antelope Island was privately owned. It would become a hard-fought gamble with seemingly insurmountable costs.

The coal of these visionaries was ton convince the Utah Legislature to purchase the island once members say there was a way for people to get there.

Their plan worked and Antelope Island became the only state park in Davis County.


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