Big Changes at All Business Barter

Hello everyone!

We’re experiencing big changes at All Business Barter.

First, you may have noticed that your member area is different. This weekend we switched software providers from Barter 21 to Nextrade360. We feel this move will make us more efficient and give you better and more opportunities to trade.

That being said, you might have noticed that your customer login isn’t working. In the next 24 hours we will be sending each of you an email with your new login information.

With the move, you will want to login to your account and make sure your billing information is correct.

You’ll also notice that we now have a fully functioning gift certificate store on our website. You can login at any time and order any of the gift certificates we have, from Madeline’s Steakhouse to Gamin’ Ride. All of them are available with your trade dollars. Right now we have thousands of dollars in gift certificates available, so check it out!

We also have some changes to our terms and conditions. The most noticeable change is that all of our fees will be collected on Fridays from now on. Monthly fees and transaction fees will be collected every Friday morning, and any account that has more than $100 in cash fees on any given transaction will be charged those fees immediately. This only affects you if you have a transaction over $1000 in which you are the buyer.

If you have any questions about this or anything else, feel free to call, email, Facebook, or send us a pigeon.

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